Network of Websites

My strategy is to have a large network of websites, instead of hiding my pages within a few of them, or posting them on a blog.

If you do not see much content on any one website, it is because material intended for that site is on another one. See if any of the ones below look interesting.

All of these sites are related to the main Social Technology site and have been added to the network at various times over the years. As well adding new material, existing content is being slowly redistributed or copied. That will take a while. For more information see my personal home page and then the Social Technology History page.

Some of those websites have domain names associated with them:

Other websites have no associated domain name, and can only be accessed via another site. Some of them are very important sites, but no obvious domain name which was unique and descriptive could be found.

In addition to these sites, there are a few relating to fiction written to explore and explain social technology. These are discussed on my Books website and there is a list of them on a page there.